Evo4 Promotions is based in Glasgow. It was inspired by a love of local bands and good company. Evo4 work with local bands in and around Glasgow (and beyond) to bring kick ass music to the gig goers of Glasgow. We believe music shouldn't be something you only listen to when you're doing the dishes, it should be a soundtrack to your life. Gigs were made to be enjoyed, whether that means sprawling out on the floor, rocking it up on stage, or shaking your stuff around the dance floor! We are always looking for new bands and venues. If you want to get in touch drop us an email at hiya@evo4.co.uk. Hope to see you all at a gig soon! Peace out

We've had the great fortune of working with many great people - artists and musicians, promotors, venue owners - since we started. Here's a few quotes from people that have worked with us recently:

Thanks for taking those lovely pictures, some of the best concert pictures I have seen! Finn Solemdal, My Misspent Youth

Evo are music lovers, their enthusiasm and support of unsigned bands is exemplary. They do it for the love of music & feed off the crowd's good vibes. A class act to work with, proud to call them our friends PJ Kelly (Culann)

What can I say about Evo4? They put on kick-ass events for some of the best new bands and musicians around - what's more everyone involved does it all in their own time, without expecting a damn thing in return, with all profits going to a charity or cause depending on the circumstances of the event. Best part is, anyone can be a part of it - from bands to people who like music and just want to do something worthwhile. Go drop them a line for more info!
LJ (Alternative Promotions)

I had the pleasure of working with Evo4 at the full day Acoustic Monkey event in Glasgow. Its apparent that Evo4 thinks about the little things that make a gig that little bit more special. Spending the day at The Brass Monkey and jammin' on the street with the other acts was a highlight for me. It can become a bit of a slog earning your stripes on the Glasgow music scene but Evo4 do a great job of reminding you it's meant to be fun - with such a laid back welcoming vibe and their roster including some class acts, Evo4 do gigs the way they're meant to be.
Mayor Stubbs

Thanks for having me along to play at the Acoustic Monkey. It was a lovely atmosphere and I had a really nice time.
Siobhan Wilson

I thoroughly enjoyed playing at the last evo gig - there was a nice, relaxed energy and i loved the vibes that were being given off. All the artists chose for the gig complimented each other's styles and the afternoon really flowed. Evo were really friendly and welcoming and made me feel good for playing the gig
Marina Rolink

We were really impressed with Evo4 Promotion's passion and organization. They made sure our gig was a great success, we would definitely work with them again!
Murray Baxter (Mechanical Smile)

they believe in musical diversity and fairness, aiming to bring music back to local people and avoid the suppression of musical genres or musicians. In a world that may seem to be monopolised by larger venues, or bigger bands, Evo out rightly state that music is by good people, for good people. Not for money.
Gareth Croll

If you're in a band, you perform solo, if you own a venue that you think would suit an Evo4 night, or even if you'd like to find out more about what we do, drop us a line at hiya@evo4.co.uk

Evo4 was founded in 2010 by Laura and Ali, who became bored of the Glasgow music scene and wanted to do their bit to make a difference, and also help good causes at the same time. On the 23rd September they launched the first Evo4 night and raised the first money for charity. Evo4 had begun...

So far we've raised thousands for GOPWA, Ross, Starter Packs and Meningitus Scotland. Come help us raise more.


On the 23rd September, 2010, we organised the first charity fundraiser event for GOPWA. Some fantastic bands performing to a packed crowd ensured lots of pennies for a good cause.


On the 9th November, 2010, we organised the second charity fundraiser event for GOPWA. An amazing open mic session, followed by some fantastic bands, ensured yet another success and lots of pennies for a good cause.

MARCH 2011

On the 3rd of March, 2011, we organised an event to raise money for Comic Relief - "Get Your Noses Out". Robert Bowden, Dean Tajwar, Bruce Nicol and Rufus & Ben provided a great night of comedy and music.

APRIL 2011

On the 27th April, 2011, we organised the "Hippy Fest". We thought we would organise a chilled out night of acoustic music as an excuse to listen to our favourite musicians. So we did, and made entry free if you gave us a hug.


In September, we organised an album launch for Johnny and the Bomb, which we entitled "Inject Some Fun". Johnny and the Bomb were supported by The Faultlines, Gareth Croll and David Fee


October 2011 was the month we decided to chill out with a nice night in. But we couldn't resist having a night out with friends instead. So we combined the best of both, with a quiet night out, starring some amazing acoustic/folk music and lots of lovely beverages.


On the 3rd of February, 2011, the Evo4 girls invited you to come along and feel the love for their second Hippy Fest. We all grabbed a drink, chilled out on the floor and enjoyed the acoustic brilliance of Johnny and The Bomb, Gareth Croll, Lewis Semple and Cameron Roxburgh.

MAY 2012

On 20th May, 2012 we organised Rockin' For Ross, a charity raiser for young Ross Kerr. Money raised for Ross (who suffers from Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy) was used to help funds for him to have an operation in the US. Ticket prices already a steal at £5 also gave you free entry to the Cathouse nighclub. With five amazing bands, there's not enough space here to tell you how good the night was.

JUNE 2012

At the end of May and into June we organised a Scottish tour for Gareth Croll. Kicking off with a support slot for Johnny Dowd in King Tuts, the whole of June saw him touring the length and breadth of Scotland. Well, as far as his wee legs could carry him in those shoes.


We thought we would change things up a bit from our recent hippy fests, and brought you a slice of summer. Our eclectic lineup managed to cover just about every genre you would ever want to listen to, all wrapped up in a shiny, warm, acoustic package for you to enjoy.


Our second promotion to raise money for Starter Packs, we brought you lots of noise and fun for a night we called "VOCIFEROUS". Johnny & the Bomb, Semper Fi, Mair and I Said Good Day brought it to Maggie Mays on the 29th August 2012, and you all brought yourself as well.


Evo4 teamed up with flat creepy for a super secret house gig. Bands who played on the night included Mechanical Smile, Gareth Croll, Kadie McKinley, Gavin Marshall and Lou Neilson. This gig helped fund Mechanical Smile get a van so they could tour.


On the 10th October 2012, we worked alongside Gareth Croll to launch his new EP, Beauty Voix.

MARCH 2013

Friday 22nd March, 2013 was the night we hooked up with the UK's leading Motley Crue tribute act, The Dirt. You wanted rock? You got it. Fantastic support was provided by We Were Kings and Hot Jupiter. We also raised some well needed cash for Meningitus Association Scotland.

JULY 2013

We thought we'd pull out all the stops and arrange an all day event. Why not. So we got in touch with 19 amazing musicians from all over Scotland, and hooked up with Acre Records to put on the AcousticMonkey event. And lo, it was good. Our very special guests on the night were Bruce Nicol, Paul Johnson and Siobhan Wilson.

JULY 2013

Not content with our all day event, Acoustic Monkey, we also organised "One Night In Rio" in June, with seven amazing artists.

APRIL 2014 - AUGUST 2014 @ ROXY171

Our monthly #liveisbetter event took place at "The Roxy 171" until the venue unfortunately closed it's doors. It's now The Hug And Pint if you're wondering. Each penny made from the door was split equally between the performers with no cut being taken for ourselves.


Just over a year from our last #liveisbetter event, we decided that it was time to run something a bit different. Instead of a regular monthly event, we went back to what inspired us at the start and organised an event where our friends came along and played. And we made dreamcatchers. And we gave them away to everyone.

previous events

One Night In Rio

On 20th July 2013 we hosted "One Night In Rio", at The Rio Cafe. Seven fantastic artists played and it was the perfect cool down to a hot, hot day. Megan D, Nik Garcia, Sophie Rogers, Martin Livingstone, Christine Bovill, Genesee, CS Buchan and Friends


Get Your Noses Out

On the 3rd of March, 2011, we organised an event to raise money for Comic Relief - "Get Your Noses Out". Robert Bowden, Dean Tajwar, Bruce Nicol and Rufus & Ben provided a great night of comedy and music.


evo4 promotions

Evo4Promotions is based in Glasgow. It was inspired by a love of local bands and good company. We do this for the love of fun, not money.

We're always looking to promote new artists. If you want to get in touch with us, contact us via email, Facebook or Twitter.


We are always looking for people who are passionate about music. Check out our vacancies section.

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