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Scotland's latest micro festival is fast approaching. Marked for Sunday 28th May, The Big Sit In will be set over three platforms at Henry's Cellar Bar and Lebowskis in Edinburgh and will feature over 25 artists showcasing their work.

Kicking off from 12pm and running until 3am, the festival will be an eclectic day of music poetry, performance and creative appreciation; offering people an insight into the great diversity of the Scottish arts scene.

Thought up by a group of like-minded artists and promoters, the event is organised on a non-profit basis with entry to the packed day being free. Donations will be accepted and given with any proceeds to Nordoff Robbins, a well known independent music therapy charity doing outstanding work in Scotland and beyond.

The line-up includes the likes of Angus Munro , Finn LeMarinel , LUNIR & JA Sutherland . Split between The Garden, The Lounge & The Cellar, each area will host a range of styles with spoken word, folk, indie and electronic among the genres on show.

With 14 hours of performance and plenty of special surprises on the day, the eccentricity of this event makes it a must for anyone into the Scottish scene.

For full line-up information please visit our Facebook Page at

For more information on Nordoff Robbins and the fantastic work they do for those who need it most, click here.


previous events


On the 27th April, 2011, we organised the Hippy Fest. We thought we would organise a chilled out night of acoustic music as an excuse to listen to our favourite musicians. So we did, and made entry free if you gave us a hug.


In September, we organised an album launch for Johnny and the Bomb, which we entitled Inject Some Fun. Johnny and the Bomb were supported by The Faultlines, Gareth Croll and David Fee.

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